Big news for government employees, don't use Google Drive.

The new law on virtual private networks (VPNs) is going to come into force from the last week of June. In protest against the new law, many big companies like Nord Wipen have announced to leave India and now in the meantime, the government  has issued an order saying that it is better if the government employees do not use private cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Government employees have also refused to use VPNs. The 10-page report by the government has prevented the use of NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Tor and proxies VPN. Along with this, the use of remote-controlled apps such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk and Ammyy Admin has been forbidden.

Government employees have also been asked not to use any external e-mail service and also not to use third party video conferencing apps etc. for serious issues. It has also been prevented from using any external website for cloud service. Instructions have been issued to all government offices to change the passwords of all the systems. Along with which orders  have also been issued to update the firmware of all the computers. If the order has been issued to all government employees including permanent, temporary, contractual, etc. The order is scheduled to be issued by NIC and CERT-In on June 10.

What has the government said about VPNs?: The CERT, an agency of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, in an order last week, said that VPN service providers will have to save their users' names, email IDs and other data, including IP addresses, for five years or more. The order also says that if for any reason the registration of a VPN company was cancelled, then with whom the data can be sought. Simply put, even after a VPN company is closed or banned, it will have to give data to the government. The new law on VPNs will come into effect from June 28, 2022. The order also states that all service providers are to be mandatorily provided login facility in their systems.

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