Big news for India, this country became an obstacle in the way of Maldives and China
Big news for India, this country became an obstacle in the way of Maldives and China

The Indonesian Coast Guard (ICG) stopped a Chinese research vessel heading to Male because it had switched off its automatic information system. This information was received from Maldives based Aadhadhoo. The move by Indonesian authorities came after the ship's transponder was switched off three times between January 8 and 12 while traveling through the country's territorial waters. Indonesia exposed all the arrogance of China. Actually, Indonesia's dispute with China in the South China Sea has been in discussion for a long time. The conflict between the two countries continues, but Indonesia has been seen avoiding direct confrontation with China.

Now there are reports that the Naval Institute of America has said that the Chinese government ship “Xiang Yang Hong 03” was stopped by the ICG in the Sunda Strait area on January 11. However, the crew on board the ship refused to switch off the transponder and claimed that it was broken.

Transponders working in ships are essential: Not only this, the Automatic Identification System makes the transponder automatically provide information, identification and other information about the ship to other ships and coastal authorities. It has been made only for this. According to the report, Indonesian coast guard forces did not try to board the Chinese ship, but instead asked it to leave the country's exclusive economic zone. According to international maritime law, all vessels traveling on archipelagic sea routes in Indonesian waters are required to have working transponders.

Adhadhu has given information about this that the sites that monitor the movement of marine traffic i.e. the movement of ships had shown the location of this ship in the Java Sea on January 22, but the current location could not be known. Earlier this month, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) published a paper headlined “China's Dual-Use Research Operations in the Indian Ocean.”

India raised questions on Maldives' claim: At the same time, the Foreign Ministry of Maldives claimed that the Chinese ship is not going to do research in the Maldives area. However, Indian geo-strategist Brahma Chellaney has said that Male's claim that the ship will not conduct any research is ridiculous because Maldives has zero capability to obtain information about such activity. China has been aggressively mapping the Indian Ocean floor and collecting seismic and bathymetric data to facilitate submarine operations in Indian waters. Actually, the new President of Maldives, Dr. Mohammed Muizzu is inclined towards China and he is said to be openly supporting it. China has definitely been shocked by Indonesia's action.

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