Trading time to change from tomorrow, know the new timetable

There is big news about the trading time of the market. The Reserve Bank of India has changed the trading time of the financial market. According to the report given by the RBI, the new timetable of the market will come into effect from Monday, April 18. So far, the trading time was from 10 a.m. But now from April 18, that is, tomorrow, trading will start at 9 pm and will continue till 3.30 pm. Rbi has increased the trading time of the market by 30 minutes.

For this, the RBI has issued a release saying, "Due to the end of corona ban and lifting of restrictions on the movement of people and normal functioning in offices, it has been decided to start a business in financial markets from 9 am. Now, for the regulated financial markets, their pre-pandemic time should be restored to open at 9:00 a.m.

In its release, the RBI has also said that transactions in the foreign exchange market and government securities will now be able to take place only with the changing times. From 18th April 2022 onwards, foreign exchange (FCY)/ including foreign exchange derivatives, rupee interest rate derivatives, repos in corporate bonds, etc. Trading in RBI regulated markets such as Indian Rupee (INR) trades will start at 9:00 am instead of its pre-Covid timings i.e. 10 am.  

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