Bigg Boss 11: Will Lucinda Nicholas evicted in surprise eviction?

Oct 17 2017 11:44 AM
Bigg Boss 11: Will Lucinda Nicholas evicted in surprise eviction?

After being the fourth person Lucinda Nicholas is evicted out of the show. Earlier Zubair Khan and Shivani Durgah were voted out of Bigg Boss season 11, Priyank Sharma was eliminated for attacking Akash Dadlani. On weekend ka vaar saw Shivani Durgah being voted out of the ongoing reality show, it appears that another eviction is already in the pipeline. Lucinda Nicholas, one of the padosis, may have been eliminated from the show if reports are to be believed.

An Aaj Tak report claimed that Lucinda was kicked out of the show after the padosis failed to keep their ‘secret’ of the story which they have to said to keep secret from the contestants. Lucinda, along with Sabyasachi, Mehjabi and Luv, were supposed to behave like a family in front of rest of the housemates but the rest found out the truth. It appears the surprise eviction is the result of this ruse failing, it added. On Sunday’s episode, Salman Khan had also said to the four for failing to keep their identities secret.

Lucinda Nicholas who has been evicted from the big boss house is an Australian model. She was crowned Miss World South Australia in 2010 and even had a part to play in Akshay Kumar’s Boss, Lucinda is to a padosi member. 

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