Bigg Boss 11written update: Vikas Gupta moving ahead to seek Shilpa Shinde's friendship

Oct 18 2017 11:40 AM
Bigg Boss 11written update: Vikas Gupta moving ahead to seek Shilpa Shinde's friendship

Tuesday’s episode began with Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani discussing nominations. Akash, who was upset because Vikas had promised to save him but he actually nominated him for evictions this week, went crazy with rage. Vikas also tried to make amends with Shilpa Shinde. He even hugged and kissed her to show his solidarity but Shilpa refused to budge. Even as he hugged her, she said she cannot let go of her issues with him. During the nominations, Vikas had said Akash doesn’t contribute much to the household chores but the latter felt even Benafsha Soonawalla does not do much of the household work. Akash suddenly burst, calling Vikas and friends “Kaamchor”. Benafsha was clearly offended and shouted at Akash.

When the duo got into a tiff and it takes an ugly turn, Hina Khan chipped in and tried to pacify things, She picked Benafsha and tried to take her away from the scene but fell in the doorway, along with Benafsha. Thankfully, it turned out to be a funny scene rather than another fight. Later, Bandgi Kalra told Puneesh that Vikas had said to her, “If he (Puneesh) continues behaving rudely and refusing to work, I (Vikas) will have no choice but to put him in hail.” Puneesh took this as a threat and was irked. He went ahead and told Vikas he had no right to threaten him.

Bigg Boss introduced the luxury budget task for the week - Jo Muda wo ud gaya. The housemates were divided into two groups with Puneesh and Vikas as leaders. Turnwise, one member had to keep his/her head fixed as members of the other team attacked with various things. If the head was turned, that team would lose.

During the task, Vikas lost his cool and attacked Puneesh. Bigg Boss announced that it is a violation of an important rule in the house. Vikas is then sent to the kaal Kothari as a punishment. Puneesh was then appointed as the working captain of the house and Vikas was barred from captaincy for the entire season.

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