Bigg Boss 12: Highlights of episode 34
Bigg Boss 12: Highlights of episode 34

On the Friday episode of Bigg Boss 12, the householders get a chance to laugh and joke with each other. During the task, everyone seems to be pulling each other, after which the family gets a new captain. The episode started with the new Task 'Sensational News'. The Bigg Boss kept a new secret in front of the family, who was the person who had liked a girl but later she came to know that she is not a girl but a boy? Deepak and Karanveer started joking about this question and began to guess who it might be. Shivashish took the name of Romil by giving him the correct answer. While giving the hint of the next question, Karanveer said, who is he who dated two people together?

Shivashish again gave the correct answer and took the name of Surabhi. The game continued the same way and the Bigg Boss gave the next Secret to the family, in which Bigg Boss said who is he who lost another in the affair of a relationship. All the villagers thought that Deepika was an answer because Deepika married a Muslim and her family thought that due to this Deepika might have lost her one relation. Shivashish took the name of Saba while doing the right thing. Along with this reply, Deepak was defeated and Shivashish was made Captain of the house.

After a while, Sreesanth told his family how he saw Surabhi smoking in the house. Seeing this, Deepak goes to Surabhi and explains that Sreesanth is talking about such things about them. Upon hearing this, the anger of Surabhi goes to the seventh heaven and she says that if Sreesanth has done this, then she will not leave him. After a while, the house members start to discuss, who are sent to jail. After a lot of debate, it is decided that with Deepika and Sreesanth, Surabhi should be sent to jail. Though Surabhi's name was taken by the householders to tease her. But Surabhi did not know this thing and she got angry and started shouting loudly.

Seeing Surbhi doing this, all the villagers started laughing loudly and Sreesanth's laugh did not stop. Even after this, the yelling of Surabhi continued. Romil tried to calm the Surabhi's anger, but she was not ready to believe. The householders started talking among themselves that Surabhi is angry over excessively. Shortly after, Surabhi told that she never smoked inside the house. However, the members reassured that Surabhi should be sent to jail along with Sreesanth and Deepika. Sreesanth, Surabhi and Romil are sent to jail.

After this, the new Captain Shivashish is given a Chance that he can take anyone out of jail and send someone else to jail. After this, Shivashish removed the romil and sent Deepika inside the prison. Seeing that Sreesanth becomes very angry. Seeing Sreesanth's anger, Shivashish tries to calm him down but it does not help.

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