Bigg Boss 13: These two members seen provoking Shahnaz, here's how Siddharth react

In 'Bigg Boss 13', the friendship between Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill was seen. In the episode aired on Thursday, Vishal Aditya Singh and Shefali Bagga are seen provoking Shahnaz Gill together. Shehnaz tells both that 'Paras said about me that this is the problem from Mahira.' After which Shefali Bagga says, 'How do you hear these things? Because of Siddharth, you don't speak anything to them, do you? ' Vishal says that when you were crying in the bedroom, Paras says, look, his drama is going on. It makes sense to her that Mahira has to keep it above you. You also do not like that Siddhartha is unnecessarily favoring Mahira. For you, Siddharth is on the first number, now if he does the same, then you will feel bad. Shahnaz starts crying after hearing these things of Vishal.

After this, Shahnaz goes to Siddharth. Where Siddhartha asks 'Was you getting knowledge?' Shehnaz says that 'many of his things seemed right to me'. Siddharth further says that 'You got his words right, what is the matter. Go then you only with him. Shehnaz asks, 'Why did you say yesterday that I live in jail? He wants to show Mahira ahead of me. Hearing the words of Shahnaz, Siddharth says that if you feel like this, then you should stay with Vishal, Shefali and Asim.

Siddharth further says to Shahnaz that 'Now that you have understood everything, you should stay with those people. Finally, we are playing the game here. We are not siblings here, no best friends, no lovers, no husbands or wives, so there is no such thing. Do not know whether we will meet here or not. You are like a vote for me. Sometimes someone will do just that. I have no interest in talking to you. When Shahnaz leaves, Paras asks Siddharth 'what was she saying?' Siddhartha says that 'Vishal has said something to this. It looks right It is very easy to seduce it. I don't know what Vishal said but he has set a dirty fire.

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