BB14: Eijaz Khan becomes first finalist, apologises to Rubina

Abhinav appeared annoyed with Rubina at the beginning of the episode of the popular TV show Bigg Boss. He was furious over Rubina's talk, after which the actress also felt bad. Both got away from each other for a short time. Abhinav then jokes with Nikki Tamboli on the night, after which Rubina scolds him. Nikki tells Rubina a good deal because of Abhinav, which Rubina was very angry about. Due to this, Rubina told Abhinav not to become Jaan Kumar Sanu, who remains silent and jokes with Nikki at night.

Bigg Boss gave task to everyone to become the finalist of the house. It said that everyone has an opportunity to take the immunity stone which Rubina has received. For this, everyone has to tell their deep, dark and never-ending secret to fans and the remaining members of the house. Eijaz said that his father does not know that he has trouble with touching someone because he was physically abused as a child. He had forgotten this, but when he started therapy for Anger Management five years ago, this thing came up. Eijaz apologizes to his father and says that he is not ashamed because he knows that it was not his mistake but he is unable to share it with his father and therefore apologizes to the father.

Householders described Eijaz Khan's secret as big, in which Rubina and Abhinav also supported him. Subsequently, Eijaz received the Immunity Stone. At the end of the show, he received an immunity stone, after which Bigg Boss called him the first finalist of the house. Except Eijaz, all the members of the house mean Rubina, Abhinav, Rahul, Jasmin, Nikki, Kavita and Aly have been nominated from the house to be evicted.

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