Tejasswi crosses limits, comments about Shamita

In the popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 15, there is a fight between the other. Sometimes someone beats someone up the contestant. At the same time, they point fingers at each other's characters without thinking. Shamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash's cold war has been in the news since the beginning of the show. But this time Tejasswi went too far. Tejasswi not only shouted at Shamita but also said something for her that no one had imagined.

Shamita Shetty is much older than Tejasswi. Age is not right, but she should not have called Shamita wrong as a woman. But Tejasswi seems to have lost her manner in the process of winning the show. So in the confusion of defeat, she told Shamita that you were dying to make friendship with Karan.



That's not what ended there. Tejasswi was then seen talking to Karan on the issue. Karan explains to Tejasswi that fight as much as you want to fight brightly. I'm not saying anything, but don't say all this. Then, instead of keeping quiet, Tejasswi says that the fact is that she is trying to sleep with you (the word has been beeped). Then, Karan again says, "Don't say that." There is nothing like that. But Tejasswi doesn't listen to a single thing about Karan. Tejasswi is a famous television actress. She is also educated. Even then, it was strange to hear such dirty things from her mouth. The same video of Tejasswi is going viral on social media very fast. People's anger at the video has burst on Tejasswi Everyone is trolling her for using such a word of stunning.

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