Madhurima Tuli shares new hairstyle during lockdown
Madhurima Tuli shares new hairstyle during lockdown

The famous TV show Bigg Boss Ex Contestant Madhurima Tuli is once again in the headlines due to her look. She has shared photos with new hairstyle. Madhurima is looking very beautiful in her new hairstyle. The fans are also very fond of this new hairstyle.

Krishna of Mahabharata shared this video

Madhurima is also in her house due to the lockdown and she has shared these pictures from her house. She is looking out of the window of the house in the picture, while she is seen very happy in the pictures. It is obvious that she is enjoying her new and short hair. Madhurima was also in the headlines in Bigg Boss house.

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Her game was a bit slow in the beginning. She understood the game, but later she emerged as a strong contestant. Madhurima got to see shrill with Vishal in the show. Later, she had to leave the show for this behavior. Salman Khan dropped her out of the show in Weekend Ka Vaar.

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