Bigg Boss fame Rohit Verma claims that his uncle raped him
Bigg Boss fame Rohit Verma claims that his uncle raped him

Rohit Verma, a former Bigg Boss contestant and fashion designer, made an appearance on RJ Siddharth Kanan's chat show. He made some significant admissions regarding his upbringing, relationships, betrayal, and a few other topics. Rohit revealed that his uncle, who frequently visited their home, had sexually assaulted him as a child. The uncle would cover him in a saree, pour hot wax on him, and physically abuse him for three to four years. The fashion designer was "horrified" to tell his mother about this.

"I come from a family of thinkers, and I was always the odd one out. I experienced a lot of bullying at home, possibly because of my poor academic performance. Perhaps because I was also raped as a child, I had no idea what my sexuality was or why I felt like a woman. I remember being shocked because we weren't that open with our parents back then to go and share such things with them. No one would have believed me if I had told them, so I didn't. When I was eight years old, my real uncle used to abuse me in that manner. He used to cover me in a saree, apply hot wax, administer shots, and stick his d**k in my mouth. He used to commit all the terrible acts, Rohit said.

Rohit Verma continued, saying, "He (my uncle) told me that no one would believe me, and this went on for three to four years. I was terrified to tell my mother. I experienced that in my family but kept it to myself."

The fashion designer also talked openly about having a famous boyfriend who cheated on her. When the "supposed boyfriend" who Rohit had fasted for on Karva Chauth failed to show up, they were supposed to have dinner together at home. When Rohit saw the superstar "scr****g another woman" in a disco, he followed his sixth sense and hurried there. Recently, Karan Mehra accused Rohit Verma of defaming him by tarnishing his reputation in the Karan-Nisha Rawal conflict.

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