Srishti Rode was forced to work despite a leg fracture

Srishti Rode is a well-known actress in the TV world and has won everyone's heart with her work. She suffered a leg injury during the shoot recently, but Srishti has not distanced herself from work in the meantime. She is going to the set with a plastered leg and doing her job. She is busy and working with a positive attitude despite the injury. Now recently Srishti tweeted about her injury. She has shared two photos of herself and told about her injury.

In her tweet, Srishti wrote, 'Oops, I did it again. Life gives you a surprise, you must have heard! I have really loved it in the last ten days because I fractured my leg during a shoot. The pain in the body was reduced by the painkiller, but anxiety and nervousness over how to continue working continued. She further writes, 'Then I thought accepting this truth and moving forward was the only medicine. That is why I am working with plaster because no matter what happens, life should continue to go on, work should continue. Remember that you have to be prepared with the bat to face the difficult balls of life, because how can you give up without trying?'

Srishti's health deteriorated even in July. She had a stomach problem at that time due to which he underwent surgery. In fact, she had an infection in her stomach, which she detected late and therefore had to undergo surgery. The actress was last seen in Bigg Boss 12 and 'Kitchen Champion' which were the best shows.

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