Salman Khan obeys this voice, even the contestants become alert

Jan 24 2020 07:56 PM
Salman Khan obeys this voice, even the contestants become alert

If there is anything big in Bigg Boss house, then that is the voice. After listening to this voice, everyone starts working abide by the rule. Because there is something different about this voice. The owner of the voice of Bigg Boss is Vijay Vikram Singh. He says that he feels very proud that he is part of a show like Bigg Boss. Every year new contestants come to this show and due to this many major changes are made in the whole show. The one thing that never changes during this time is the voice of Bigg Boss. After listening to the voice of Bigg Boss, all the family members get into alert mode. This voice sometimes commands and sometimes rebukes the contestants of the show. Even Salman Khan, the host of the show, obeys the order of this voice.

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The person whose name is behind this voice is Vijay Vikram Singh. Vijay has been associated with 'Bigg Boss' as the narrator for the last nine years. Recently, Vijay has also acted in the web series 'The Family Man'. In an interview on 22 January, he said, "It is very proud that I am a part of a show like Bigg Boss. I was told by someone that if God has a voice then that voice will be like my voice".

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Apart from this, in his statement, Vikram Singh further said, "Where I started my career as a voiceover artist and now after 10 years, I have also become an actor, it is full of fun unconsciousness "Bigg Boss" show was a very big turning point in my life, only after that, I started getting work".Vijay, a resident of Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh May include. Having studied MBA, Vijay had no link with the industry. He was fond of singing but did not know singing. In 2009, Vijay got a job as a voiceover artist for the first time and it was from here that his new life started. Vijay has so far given his voice in 250 reality shows and more than 100 TV commercials.

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