Rashmi Desai openly speak about her relationship with Arhaan Khan

Feb 27 2020 05:26 PM
Rashmi Desai openly speak about her relationship with Arhaan Khan

Rashmi Desai, who came out of the TV reality house Bigg Boss 13, after suffering the pain of her relationship with Arhaan Khan, is now looking forward to meet him. Arhaan has also expressed his desire to meet her.

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While many contestants got new relationships in 'Bigg Boss 13', Rashmi also had a relationship with someone in the BB house. He was none other than Arhaan Khan, with whom he had an affair recently. On the show called 'Bigg Boss', the most controversial, Rashmi found out that on whom she has lost her heart, he is already married and not only that but he also has a child. Now Rashmi has discussed about Arhaan and her future.

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Rashmi once again opened the chapter of this anecdote and said, "He texted me to meet. I also want some answers and so I will meet him. I did not know about his marriage and child. I have not even met his parents. All I knew was that he had three sisters and a brother. He has two houses in Mumbai, I do not know about it either. The business he told about is his dad's. I can not believe that he can hide such a big thing from me. It was really shocking for me."

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