BB13: Vishal's parents badly affected by Madhurima's behavior towards him
BB13: Vishal's parents badly affected by Madhurima's behavior towards him

Contestant Vishal Aditya Singh of TV show Bigg Boss 13 has got the tag of Confuse Personality in the show. Apart from this, Vishal's love-hate relationship with ex-girlfriend Madhurima Tuli has made a lot of headlines. Apart from this, Madhurima has sometimes been seen beating with slippers or sometimes with a frying pan. Apart from this, how was the reaction of the parents when Vishal was beaten up in the show? If the same thing is talked about, his brother Kunal Singh's statement on this behavior with Vishal has come out.

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Vishal said in an interview - Madhurima has beaten Vishal with a frying pan on National TV. My parents have been affected more than that. Who can bear such behavior? After seeing all this my parents were very sad and it took us a long time to handle them. At the moment, my parents are fine now, but that act of Madhurima has left a very bad impression on them. Why is her brother happy to see Vishal in the show? But despite all this, Vishal's brother Kunal is quite happy to see Vishal in the show."

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He said on Vishal's Journey - "I will still say that I am happy that Vishal is participating in the show this year". Apart from this Vishal's brother further said - Since Nach Baliye, people feel this It was said that Vishal only fights Madhurima. But now people have come to know clearly that Madhurima fights more than Vishal. With this, I am happy that the truth of Madhurima has been revealed to the people."

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