14 people died in Bihar due to alcohol, family members allege this

Apr 04 2021 01:56 PM
14 people died in Bihar due to alcohol, family members allege this

Patna: Amidst the corona epidemic, a number of shocking cases are coming from the country and the death toll in Nawada in Bihar continues unabated. In Nawada, 4 more persons have died in the last 24 hours of alleged poisonous liquor. Out of these, 2 persons died during treatment in Patna and 2 died in Nawada district. A total of 14 persons have died so far in the case.

The same startling thing is that all the people are telling poisonous liquor the reason for death. However, no confirmation has been made on the part of the district administration. The district administration officer has categorically stated that 10 persons have died, all persons have died of different diseases. Three reports are yet to come. But the most important thing is that the family of the deceased Gopal Kumar, a Siswan resident on the death of alcohol, have accused the Nawada police that the police are forcibly pressurizing their families that he has not died of alcohol.

The same family alleged that the police had been at home late in the night and insisted on signing the application that their brother had not died of alcohol but a heart attack. The family of the deceased Gopal said that he had come home on the day of Holi and after several hours of drinking alcohol at home, he suddenly had bad health at night and was taken to Nawada Sadar Hospital. Where the doctors referred him to the VIMS at Pavapuri. Where he died due to treatment and the death certificate was caused by a heart attack.

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