Bihar teacher writes complete Ramcharitmanas in Bhojpuri

Jan 27 2021 03:56 PM
Bihar teacher writes complete Ramcharitmanas in Bhojpuri

Patna: Piyush Mohan, a teacher from Kaimur district in Bihar, used the free time of the lockdown to write Ramcharitmanas in Bhojpuri. He said that the purpose of writing Ramcharitmanas in Bhojpuri is to make Ramcharitmanas read and understand easily and in simple ways. Two of his novels have already been published.

Piyush Mohan, a teacher by profession, is a resident of Karmansha in Durgavati block of Kaimur district. Teacher Piyush said that he was sitting completely vacant when the lockdown took over. Then he wondered why Ramcharitmanas should be written in Bhojpuri because it is not easy for everyone to understand the language in which it is written. So he started writing Ramcharitmanas in Bhojpuri in his spare time and now it is in the final stages.

Teacher Piyush Mohan has said that Bhojpuri is viewed in a very low sense as some film people have dropped this language in the eyes of the people by singing obscene songs in Bhojpuri. So, in the hearts of the people, he wrote Ramcharitmanas in Bhojpuri to instil respect for Bhojpuri.

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