Minister speaks ahead of Bihar assembly elections: 'If not won, famine will happen'

Sep 18 2020 03:33 PM
Minister speaks ahead of Bihar assembly elections: 'If not won, famine will happen'

Patna: Assembly elections are due in Bihar. Preparations for the election have already begun. All political parties are engaged in making electoral preparations in a new way. There are many leaders who have been looking to set themselves up. Now, in the meantime, in the Bihar government, Minister Brahkishore Bind has made a disputed statement. In fact, he has said something that he has come to the discussions. "If I lose this time, there will be famine," said the present MLA and minister from the Chaanpur assembly constituency in Kaimur district. '

He said in his statement, "there was no famine in the area till today after becoming an MLA from Chaanpur in my assembly constituency. If I lose this time, there is a certain famine in the area. At present, the minister's statement is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In fact, at this time, people are also mocking the minister's statement. Now, the opposition has brought Nitish Kumar to the dock by virtue of the statement of brahkishore.

The opposition has said that if the minister had developed throughout the state, there was no need to bully like this. When the opposition targeted, the minister said, "the opposition is manipulating his statement. In addition, he said, "I did not make a wrong statement. I still stand by my words. I did not threaten anybody. It is a fact, but if someone is bad, what is my fault in it? '

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