Bihar elections: Pappu Yadav lashes out at CM Nitish Kumar

Oct 29 2020 05:30 PM
Bihar elections: Pappu Yadav lashes out at CM Nitish Kumar

Patna: Jana Adhikar Party (JAP) National President Pappu Yadav today targeted CM Nitish Kumar, saying that the throne of good governance has been shaken, so he has come down on misrule. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has nothing to do with youth, women and Dalits. In the last 15 years, law and order have been completely destroyed. NDA's farewell is confirmed this time.

Significantly, in the wake of Bihar elections, Pappu Yadav, President of Progressive Democratic Alliance, addressed public meetings in Motihari, Bettiah, Siwan, Saran, Vaishali and Nalanda. During this, Pappu Yadav said that we will show every promise fulfilled. In 3 years, we will make Bihar better, make it Asia's number one state. Struggle and hard work are the capital of our party. Our only goal is to protect the welfare of the people and their interests.

Pappu Yadav further said that the BJP has announced 19 lakh jobs in the air. If jobs were to be given, why did the youth not get jobs even after being in government for 6 years at the Center? Railways had removed the appointments in 2018, but till date, the youth have not received the appointment letter. This is just fake.

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