Loyal dog saved the life of the owner and the entire family

Aug 06 2019 07:48 PM
Loyal dog saved the life of the owner and the entire family

There have been many cases where a dog saves its owner life. Once again we're going to tell you a similar case. In fact, a loyal dog lost his life in Siwan district of Bihar. But he didn't let a poisonous snake sneak into the owner's house. To prevent the poisonous snake from entering the house, he even bet his life on the line. The incident is going viral on social media.

In fact, the incident remains a topic of discussion throughout the district. On Thursday night in Kapiya Nizampur village of Maharajganj Nagar Panchayat, the pet dog saved the life of the entire family along with the owner. People in the village of Kapiya Nizampur said that Mukesh Pandey's family was sleeping after taking dinner. Meanwhile, a poisonous snake tried to enter into the house from the front gate. Sitting there, his pet dog caught sight of the snake. The dog barked and swerved with a snake. But in the end, both dogs and snakes died.

On the other day, when Mukesh Pandey got up in the morning and went to his pet dog, he was dead and a snake was also found dead near him. All the villagers cried when they saw the dog's death. The housemates buried the dog and the snake's body on Friday. The pet dog's loyalty incident remains a topic of discussion in the area.

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