Several ministers of the Bihar government failed in the yoga practice
Several ministers of the Bihar government failed in the yoga practice

Patna: June 21 is celebrated as the International Yoga Day. All the politician also performs yoga but this time most of the Ministers of the Bihar government failed to practice yoga. Polls of leaders making big claims and promises on yoga and health opened in Patna on Friday.

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On the one hand, PM Modi was practising yoga in Ranchi. Several ministers of the Bihar government were seen practising yoga at the Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna. This was the first time that BJP quota ministers, as well as JDU quota ministers, attended the yoga exercise. The general public also did yoga with VIPs. Several ministers failed in this yoga practice. Deputy CM Sushil Modi and Prem Kumar could not do most of the yoga. Minister Prem Kumar, in particular, had a lot of difficulty in doing yoga.

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On the other hand, many ministers have not been able to do yoga because of their enlarged stomach. Some ministers thought it better to move their feet after failing to practice yoga. Tourism Minister Krishna Kumar Rishi failed to do yoga altogether. The same recent minister, Maheshwar Hazari, also appeared. The ministers' position was that they could not take any position correctly. But Shawasan was the only yoga practice in which all the ministers took a beating.


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