Wonderful! Love started with missed call, when family did not agree, took this big step

Patna: A unique incident came to light recently from Bihar in which the love sequence that started with miss edicts reached marriage. The girl's family members objected to the marriage of the two. But in the end, the two ran away and got married. The girl is from Patna and the boy is from Jehanabad. After the same girl disappeared from her house, the family registered a kidnapping case with Phulwari Sharif police station.

After the same investigation, the police arrested the girl and the boy from Jehanabad and brought them to Phulwari Sharif. The girlfriend pleaded with the police to persuade the family members. Police recorded the statement of the girl under 164 and expressed her desire to stay with the lover. The police then sent the girl with the boy to Jehanabad.

The same girlfriend Nidhi said in a statement that three years ago, Santosh Kumar's phone from Sarai Karara village in Ghosi police station area of Jehanabad came to her by mistake. Nidhi disconnected the call. Then, once again Santosh made a missed call. The conversation started and for 3 years the two continued to talk without seeing each other. The conversation between the two then turned into a video call. The two started liking each other. Nidhi's family snatched the phone from her and the conversation stopped. Santosh and Nidhi escaped from the house and got married in Patna court.

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