Hundreds of liquor bottles were hidden in a ‘rat-hole’ seized

Jan 12 2021 01:07 PM
Hundreds of liquor bottles were hidden in a ‘rat-hole’ seized

Patna: The business of smuggling illicit liquor into the country is flourishing every day. That is why smugglers find a way to do their business in the coming days. These days, there is a similar case coming out of Bihar, which will also blow your senses. In fact, the smugglers turned their minds to do the illegal liquor business that everyone was stunned.

A similar case of smuggling and storage of liquor has come to light in Bihar. In Gopalganj, liquor traffickers used rat bills to set up a liquor warehouse inside it. During the operation, hundreds of bottles of liquor were recovered from a warehouse built like a rat bill. The smuggler hid it to sell it. According to Gopalganj product superintendent Rakesh Kumar, he had received secret information that liquor smugglers had been hiding liquor on a large scale in Sheikh Gang village of Manjhagarh.

He said that on the basis of this information, the product department team discharged the house of Manoj Kumar of Sheikh Gang. But nothing was recovered from the smuggler's house in the raid. When the product department team searched intensively, a rat bill was seen there. When the bill was dug up, the team of the product department was left with a look at the inside. Several bottles of foreign liquor were kept in the rat bill. In this case, the owner of the house has been taken to rest.

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