Bijoy Saha - One of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs & Musicians

Bijoy Saha is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur. This passionate youngster is also recognized as a Musician, Rapper, Composer, Songwriter & stage singer. He is well known for his image reinventions and musical versatility. Bijoy Saha started his musical career in 2017 and soon established himself as a young idol. This sensational, smart & multi-talented youngman is now one of the most emerging musical artists in Bangladesh’s music industry.

Bijoy Saha was born in Faridpur, a small city of Bangladesh in 1993. From the very beginning music was always one of his core interests. He has composed more than hundred songs, released five complete albums & participated in countless stage performances throughout the country. Most of his songs are very popular among teenagers.

In spite of being interested in music, why did he wait so long to start practicing? Bijoy Saha said, “I was waiting for the right time. Music was always my passion but I was always obsessed with Digital Marketing. I was so busy with practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and a lot of other marketing techniques that I didn’t have enough time to think about something else.”

Bijoy Saha is a Legendary Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer & Investor. He has been working in this sector since 2012. Back in 2012, Internet Marketing was just booming in Bangladesh. There were so many opportunities at that time, that a Digital Marketer of this generation can’t imagine at all. Market was less competitive and more stable.

“The Internet was just like an endless open ground at that time, everything was ready to develop & we took that opportunity. We were the riders of that era of IT Revolution in Bangladesh” said Bijoy Saha. “Now The World is passing the Golden Era of this IT Revolution. This is going to change everything, silently. It is eventually the high time to take control & our young generation is doing great in the IT sector. I am very much hopeful about them.” he said.

Bijoy Saha is now working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and different other marketing techniques & earning thousands of Dollars form Ads Break & Instant Articles of Facebook, Google Adsense Partner Program, Micro Niche Sites, Amazon Affiliate Program, eBay Affiliate Program, YouTube Channels & e-Commerce many others.

Working on Digital Marketing is still challenging on Bangladesh’s socio-economic condition. Bijoy Saha said, “It was more challenging for me because I chose Digital Marketing in spite of having graduated as a Doctor form Sir Salimullah Medical College (SSMC), 2nd top listed Govt. Medical College in Bangladesh.” “I choose Digital Marketing, not being a Doctor. I did exactly what I was born to do, what I was trained to do” he said.

Bijoy Saha has a strong influence in Bangladesh’s Digital Marketer’s Community. He is one of the core leaders of a strong group of ambitious & talented marketers named “Admin Council BD”. Bijoy Saha is the Founder & Former CEO of Rujbi Ltd. & currently the Co-Founder & CMO of Dream Diggers IT, a leading IT farm located at Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is very much popular among young marketers.

This successful & multi-talented entrepreneur now has hundreds of employees working for him virtually from different countries. Most of them are Bangladeshi. Bijoy Saha believes office formality largely hampers creative minds & the traffic jam of Dhaka city is well-known. So, he always encourages employees to work from their home, where they can work with a fresh mind. But yes, he has a notorious but super extraordinary administrator panel who are very strict on work plan implementation within time through these employees.

Bijoy Saha said, “Sometimes people think that I am a Freelancer, but actually I am not. In my entire career I never worked for any clients or never worked on any freelancing sites like Freelancer dot com or Fiverr, rather I made hundreds of freelancers, hired countless freelancers from those freelancing sites for my projects & made employment for hundreds of unemployed youth of my country. Am I a freelancer? No, I am an entrepreneur & businessman.”

“But when someone addresses me as a freelancer, I don’t tell them not to. You know why? Because at least they are learning about freelancers & one day they will also know about the meaning of Entrepreneur. Time is always the best teacher.” he said.

This young Digital Marketing king, Bijoy Saha, before completing his graduation, became a Millionaire & became one of the most successful young entrepreneurs and businessmen in Bangladesh. He was one of the 1st 10 Digital Marketers of Bangladesh who became a Millionaire at 21! His magnificent career turned into another level when he began investing. He is one of the top most Digital Investors in Bangladesh. He mostly invested on different money making virtual property like domains, micro niche sites, facebook & youtube gaming, e-commerces, start ups as well as land and restaurants. 

Undoubtedly Bijoy Saha is one of the most successful & inspirational characters. He always motivates young fellows to achieve their goal in Digital Marketing. All of his advice is completely free for young learners. Bijoy Saha always said, “When we started, we were like explorers, we had nothing but us. but now you people have us. Don’t panic, practice, you will be succeeded” 

Time’s up. Mr Bijoy Saha has to catch a flight & we have to end here. But the story hasn't ended yet. There's a lot more about this magical mind to tell. This extraordinary new age Business Tycoon will surely dominate the Digital Marketing sector of Bangladesh as always in future. 

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