Mother made her obscene video on mobile, son did this after seeing

Bilaspur: Something happened in Gaurela in Chhattisgarh's Gaurela Pendra Marwahi (GPM) district that you won't believe after knowing the whole matter. In fact, a woman here has filed a case against her son and husband in the police station. In this case, the woman has alleged that the son has made her obscene video viral. Yes, it is being said that the video of the private moments was recorded by the woman at the behest of her husband. Her son's age is 19 years. In this case, the woman has lodged a case against the husband and son at Gaurela police station, on which the police have arrested the woman's husband and son.

The whole matter is now under investigation. According to the information given by the woman in the police station, this video of the private moments was made some time ago at the behest of her husband. Since the woman and the husband used to have a quarrel on a coming day, the woman lived mostly in the maternal home. At the same time, when the woman returned to her in-laws' house, her 19-year-old son took the mobile from the mother saying that his mobile was damaged.

Now, in this case, it is being said that the son had sent that obscene video of the woman from the mobile to his aunt and the motive of the son was so that she could give information to her relatives. On the other hand, in this case, the woman is accused of doing dirty work and often there used to be a fight between husband and wife about this matter. Yes and the accused son says that the son had sent this video to his relative to end the day-to-day quarrel. However, now the police are investigating from every angle.

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