Viral video: Lion crosses busy road, people got shocked

Jul 17 2019 03:03 PM
Viral video: Lion crosses busy road, people got shocked

The lions of the Gir Forest of Gujarat (Gir Forest) are extremely different from other lions. Here, the king of the forest roams in front of human beings, and humans are seen wandering in front of these lions unwittingly. This is an awesome video that has surfaced in which you can see the lion crossing the road.

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In a video is going viral on the Internet these days, in which the lion seen crossing the road. People are also passing through the place comfortably. The same video has been shared on YouTube, which is reported to be Bilkha Road in Junagadh district of Gujarat. The lion can be seen passing by on the busy road and people are also leaving in front of him.

What's more, the person on the bike passes by the side of the lion and the lion is crossing the road peacefully, while others there are seen capturing the scene on camera. However, such videos are often exposed and sometimes people are in awe of it. Earlier, a video of Muthanga Wild Life Century  in Wayanad of Kerala (Wayanad) went viral in which a tiger has seenchasing people riding a bike on the road.


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