Bill Gates accepted a big mistake related to the launch of this product

Jun 25 2019 06:29 PM
Bill Gates accepted a big mistake related to the launch of this product

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has reported his mistake on Android and Google. Bill Gates has said that his biggest mistake was not to launch the non-Apple phone form platform and to give Google a chance for Android. This is because by launching Android OS, the company has overtaken other companies. According to Bill Gates, Microsoft would have been the largest company at the time if he had taken the initiative or capitalised on this OS. Google bought Android for $5 million in 2005. This is the most popular operating system at the time. was made up.

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Microsoft, the world's largest company, lagged behind Android and iOS as Microsoft provided its operating system in Windows Phone. However, it didn't become as popular as Android and iOS among users. This led to the company closing it in 2017. Microsoft didn't have its own software compared to Android and iOS. The number of apps that work on Android and iOS is quite high.


For your information, Google did Android in 2005. The acquisition was an independent platform before Android was sold to Google. Then, in 2005, Google bought it for $50 million. A report from Verge revealed that the main focus of Google's former CEO Eric Schmidt was to overtake Microsoft's initial mobile. Since then, the system has maintained its popularity among people.

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