Bill Omar talks about his experience with authentic content as a YouTuber

There’s nothing more satisfying than making your dreams turn into reality. Bill Omar Carrasquillo made it happen and is a true success story. He took everyone’s attention with his popular YouTube channel ‘Omi in a Hellcat.’ Besides this, he is a multimillionaire personality and an established name on social media. He was born on September 6, 1986, to Julio Carrasquillo and Soledad Diaz. His father was a reputed dealer and owned multiple properties in Philadelphia while his mother stayed with Bill and his siblings in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, she suffered from the disease of addiction which saw Omar’s custody being taken from her. Omar stayed with his father and his stepmother and despite having so much suffering, he overcame everything.

He was sure to become a YouTube vlogger at a very young age. He started his channel but could not focus on it initially due to the poor financial situation of his family. This made him take up the job of a freelance app developer and that was a turning point in his life. His work not only built his confidence but also polished his entrepreneurial instincts after which his net worth went beyond 50 million dollars. With having 30 workers under him, Bill has more than 300 properties in Philadelphia and the areas nearby. Today he provides the best and affordable housing in the Northern part of Philadelphia and is a name to be trusted in the housing business.

Apart from this, he also owns two night clubs, ‘Unicas; and ‘Philly 21’. Simultaneously, he has also been super active on YouTube which has reached the subscribers count to 405K. His video content is everything happening in his day to day life which is loved by one and all. While talking about the struggling phase of his life, Bill said, “Giving up was never an option. I knew that my sacrifice would pay off someday to my family.” Well, we must salute this guy who built his own empire from scratch. He strongly believes that there is no cost for determination and ambition. One must work hard and Bill Omar has conquered his every dream and is a reputed name in the field of content creation.

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