Biography of Deepak Sharma - A savior of India

Deepak Sharma (02-07-1989) is a famous Indian Economist as well as Jurist. He has been famous after  launched the next generation  Economic System , Democratic and Judiciary System, He is being considering as only person behind this supernatural incident historically, therefore he is also known for propounding India’s indigenous Jurisprudence and Economic System/Model. He has been designated as the title of father of Human Resource Economics for developing the next generation Economic system as H.R.Economic Model as upgrade series of Capitalism and Socialism, he also designated as the father of Contemporary Jurisprudence for  propounding the School of Contemporary Jurisprudence. Whereas School of Contemporary Jurisprudence is considered as the World's 5th School of Modern Jurisprudence in the next series of Analytical, Historical, Sociology and Realism School of Jurisprudence.

Human Resource Economic Model at a glance

Mr Deepak Sharma is being the first economist, who codified that human resource is  form of an absolute asset Worldwide and therefore H.R being  as an asset, is measurable  into units, and thereafter aforesaid units shall be utilised as a monetary fund. He proposed a new economic system in terms of the Manpower Grid Economic concept and various tools in support of the H.R.Economic Model. 

Deepak proposed the four pillars based economic concept, as Manpower Grid, Stock Exchange, revenue ministry and Central Bank respectively. He introduced the various tools and methods in support of the H.R. Economic Model, valuation method,  brand new 15 H.R. accounting standard alongwith 5 H.R. Economic standards, National H.R. Economic structure. This model applicable for agriculture, medical, education, manufacturing, and service sector. By using tools and methods of the H.R. Economic Model, he submitted the 15 trillion dollars GDP economic proposal to Govt. of India, this news attracted attention of various economist and journalist World wide  Recently WIPO Geneva has been published the complete machanism of H.R.Economic Model, Deepak Sharma has been proved  that H.R. Economic Model is really next generation Economic Model.

Contemporary Jurisprudence at a glance

Deepak Sharma is the first jurist, who declined the current two-level (Public – Parliament) democratic structure on the ground that the personal interest of the elected person (a member of parliament or member of legislative assemblies) remains to differ from public interest. In the same regard, he propounds 3 levels of democratic structure.  he became  the first jurist to renounce the Bar Bench judicial proceeding system from Decentralized to centralized judicial system. He propounded the world’s 1st centralised judicial trial proceeding called Just-in Trial (J.I.T). Where a group of jurists claim that J.I.T shall be 25 times faster and 20 times more transparent against bar branch judicial proceedings. Mr. Deepak Sharma also propounded various new jurisprudence concept in the history of Mankind such as historically, as  the Degree of Democracy, 5 stages of judiciary system development. partition of law into 5 segments and 5 types of law making procedure through a three-level democratic structure and many more.

Deepak Sharma means for India and Mankind

That the group of  people, expert’s, journalist and various  intellectual  are considering, H.R.Economic Model and School of Contemporary Jurisprudence is a supernatural incident,  to believe for get rid of poverty, crime, hunger, inequality of income, e.t.c, some people are matching this supernatural incident from Nastradamus prophecy to bring next Democratic, Judiciary and Economic revolution and considering Mr. Deepak Sharma as savior of India as well as mankind. For India,  it’s a great pleasure to India, that next generation Economic Model and Jurisprudence has been launched from the side of India, If H.R. Economic Model superseded capitalism, in that case, India shall become a new economic pole since after America (Capitalism) and U.S.S.R (Communism), and Contemporary Jurisprudence shall be sufficient for Indian Democratic and Judicial revolution. While Mankind shall benefit itself in terms of getting rid of poverty, unemployment, hunger, crime, crony capitalism and corruption.

Family and friends

Deepak Sharma is only son of Prabha Devi and late shri G.P.Sharma alongwith a Sister Mrs Abhilasha Sharma married with Mohit Kaushik, meanwhile name as   Deepika , Neeraj Sharma, Atul, Ashutosh  are belonging from friend list. He belonging from city Hapur, State-   Uttar Pradesh India.

Education profile

he passed senior secondary education from the Hapur and got professional education as

1.     Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) from CCSU Meerut.
2.     Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) from ICFAI, Tripura,
3.     Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from CCS University, Meerut, (U.P.),
4.     Master of Computer Application (M.C.A) from UPTU Lucknow
5.     Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from ICFAI, Tripura,
6.     Company Secretary (C.S. Executive) from (I.C.S.I), New Delhi, 

Life Journey

During his professional education journey, he perceived that jurisprudence, economics and technical (know-how) are three intellectual concepts, which is mandatorily required for the development of any civil society or any nation. Having a strong opinion that India is still dependent on the western economic concept and the British judiciary system, while both concepts are incompetent for India against its actual economic and judiciary requirement. In 2014, he sacrificed many MNC job packages and decided to invent a appropriate economic and jurisprudence system, which shall be suitable and competent for Indian Economic and judiciary requirements. Thereafter till July 2015, he has been propounded the H.R.Economic Model, and School of Contemporary Jurisprudence. 

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