Birth Anniversary: Maithilisaran Gupta who was given the title of 'National poet' by Mahatma Gandhi

Mathilisaran Gupta was born on 3rd August 1886. In the history of Hindi literature, he is considered to be the first important poet of standing speech. He was known as 'Dadda' in the literary world. His work Bharat Bharati (1912) proved to be very impressive during India's freedom struggle and that is why Mahatma Gandhi gave him the position of 'National poet'. His birthday is celebrated every year on August 28 as 'Kavi Day'. In 1954, he was awarded The Padma Bhushan by the Government of India.

His first poetry collection was published as "Rang Main Bhang" and later "Jaydrath Vadh". He also translated Bengali's poetic text "Meghnath Badh", "Brazana" into Hindi. In 1912- 1913, he published "Bharat Bharati", a national sentiment. That spread their popularity everywhere. He then translated and published the famous Sanskrit book "Swapnavavadatta". In 1916-17, the creation of the epic 'Saket' began. He removed the sense of disregard for Urmila in this book. He then set up the press automatically and began printing his own books. He completed other texts like Saket and Panchvati in 1931. At the same time, he came in contact with the Father of the Nation, Gandhiji.

In the same year, the Golden Celebration of "Saraswati" was held at Prayag, which was presided over by Gupta Ji. Anuj Siyaram Sharan Gupta's death in 1963 brought him an irreparable shock. On December 12, 1964, there was a heart attack and the shining star of literature was forever, but his radiance is still visible in his poems.

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