Stephen Hawking proved predictions of big doctors false

Stephen Hawking, one of the world's greatest scientists, whose 80th birthday is no longer in the world, the principles and ideas he gives continue to be an inspiration to scientists. He was born on this day in 1942. He had a disease called a motor neuron. He was diagnosed with this dreaded disease at the age of 21. This disease gradually destroys the nervous system of man and eliminates the movement and communication power of the body. Doctors had also said that they would not be able to live for more than two years. But Stephen Hawking lived for a full 76 years and proved the doctors' prophecy wrong.

Let's say, no part of Stephen Hawking's body worked except his mind. Even after physical incompetence, he is one of the world's most considerable scientists. Stephen Hawking is a world scientist who has revealed unique mysteries about the universe by doing a lot of research. Which mainly includes black holes. Before Hawking's research, black holes used to be completely unknown and mysterious bodies.

After discovering the first black hole in 1971, Hawking gave a number of astronomical information about these bodies that helped explain the information about them. Black holes were earlier said not to emit any radiation, and there could be no entropy without radiation. But then Hawking showed for the first time that if quantum mechanics are included, it can be shown that black holes are not full black but they also emit.

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