Dispute in birthday party, two died

Sep 07 2019 04:41 PM
Dispute in birthday party,  two died

There was a furore over the trivial thing that happened at the birthday party last night in Kataraso village of Ballia's station. Two-man killed and six people were injured during this. In this case, the police has arrested six of the seven accused.

Superintendent of Police Devendra Nath, while giving information about the incident on Saturday morning, said that "In Kataraso village, the birthday of Kartik, the five-year-old son of Sunita, daughter of Nandkishor Ram, was being celebrated. Karthik's maternal uncle Sunil left the firecrackers during his birthday when parts of the firecrackers hit the lips of the elder father Dhrundhar. Seeing this, Dhurandhar's daughter-in-law reached Sunita and started abusing her and his sisters and mother and started scuffling. People intervened. After this, Sunita went to her house and called her father and brothers with her maternal uncle.

With this, he further said, "Sunita's brother and father started fighting as soon as the father came.

All the injured were rushed to Beltherode Hospital, where Dhurandhar's elder brother Subhash died. While Ramashray Ram, a neighbour of Dhurandhar, who was referred from Beltherode to the district hospital, died on the way. Six others from one side were also injured. At the same time, among the seven named accused, Nandlal was injured, whose treatment is being done in the district hospital. While the treatment of Sanjay, Gautam, Raveena and Sandhya from the side of deceased Subhash is going on in the trauma center of BHU.

Adding further, the Superintendent of Police said that "seven people have been named in this incident." In whose case Sunita, Vinay, Rajmangal, Ajit, Dhurandhar and Savita have been arrested. An accused is undergoing treatment. The whole matter is being investigated.

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