Birthday Special: The man with the potential to lead Maharashtra, Raj Thackeray

Jun 14 2018 11:46 AM
Birthday Special: The man with the potential to lead Maharashtra, Raj Thackeray

Who doesn’t know about the Thackerys? 
Like many other political families, they also had clashes among themselves. 
It has been more than ten long years that Raj Thackeray cut ties with his Uncle Bal Thackeray. He left Shiv Sena and made his own organisation and named it,  Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). 

The best part is that Raj Thackeray mixes up with the audience very easily. His speeches are so interesting because of his mimicking skills. He speaks directly with sharp as thorn words and that brings out his real nature in front of the people. He has legit potential to lead Maharashtra.
He strongly prohibits statue culture. He believes that instead of making statues of people who are dead and investing crores of money, it is better to spend that money on the much-needed necessity of the country.
His party a banned the  Australian cricketers participating in IPL 3 from playing in Mumbai. This was an outcome of the protest for the attack on Indian students down under.

He made a rally in the city and made strong statements that if this dominance continues, they would throw them out of Maharashtra. He has been arrested many times. The leader has immense love for the state of Maharashtra and as is evident from all the “Mumbai" instead of “Bombay” controversies raised in the movie wake up sid. 
Although he has made a few mistakes the fact that he learns and comes up with something better everytime is what makes him so appealing to people. He is the perfect fit to lead Maharashtra and I think this one time he should be given a chance. 

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