The filmmaker who gave us the idea of romance, Mani Ratnam

Jun 10 2018 11:25 PM
The filmmaker who gave us the idea of romance, Mani Ratnam

The filmmaker Mani Ratnam was born on 2nd of June 1956, is real name is Gopala Ratnam Subramaniam. He is a brilliant in his work, exceptional direction, amazing screenwriting. Most of the career of his life was a  Tamil movie-centric, but he also did a few Hindi films. The way we visualize most of the romances is because of his on-screen good work.
Here is a list of Five of his works that every cinema lover would love to watch over and over again.
The lead hero in the movie is a south Indian actor who is associated with RAW, get abducted. It is his wife who tries to rescue him from the kidnappers. The film won 3 National Awards.
# Best Film on National Integration has been written and directed by Mani Ratnam. 
Released in various languages including  Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam and Telugu.

2. Bombay 
A story of two lovers of different religions who move to Bombay to be together and live happily. The religious society changes the complete romance between the two. In fact, a lot changed when the bomb blast in Mumbai takes place.
3. Dil se

The movie is a romantic story starring Shah Rukh khan and Manisha Koirala . The most captivating scene from the movie is when they hug each other and explodes in a blast together.  The music in the movie is from AR Rahman and after all who can forget, chaiyya chaiyya and dil se re..

 every love story gave a special meaning to the romances just because of the screenplays of Mani Ratnam. Giving realistic backdrops that the viewer falls for the script immediately. The movie is a youth-oriented where three men come together for the same cause from different strata of the society.

Mani Ratnam is responsible for the amazing cast, edits and direction of this realistic movie.This film was based on the life story of Dhirubhai Ambani.

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