Birthday Special: This 20 YO Indian Youtuber is one of the 10 Next Generation Leaders
Birthday Special: This 20 YO Indian Youtuber is one of the 10 Next Generation Leaders

“To kaise hain aap log?” Nowadays, whenever you hear this statement only one person comes in your mind that is AJEY NAGAR or popularly known as CARRYMINATI. The famous Indian YouTuber who makes funny videos on viral stuff on the internet. Ajey Nagar went to the Delhi Public School. However, he dropped out of school in 12thclass to focus on his YouTube work and instead, opted to complete his school education with distance studies.

Recently, Carry made a Diss Track on Pewdiepie, teasing his rivalry with T Series. Many people around the world praised and criticized him for his Diss Track.

Today Carryminati is going to celebrate his 20th birthday. On this occasion lets read out some lesser known facts about him.

  1. He started his first channel in 2010 named ADDICTED A1, which was not very successful in which he used to give review about gameplay and football tricks
  2. After that, he started his second YouTube channel in 2014 named as CARRYDEOL, after which he got the taste of success.
  3. Carry is mostly active on his gaming channel while streaming games on Carryislive.
  4. He met Tom Cruise and Henry Cavil during Mission Impossible 6 release.
  5. Ajey started his career with STeaLThFeArzZ youtube channel.
  6. He used to upload Football Tricks, Tutorials, and other stuff.
  7. His fans base are most of Teenagers.
  8. Ajey is first Indian Youtuber who crossed 1 million subscribers on his gaming channel.
  9. Carry do roasting, makes Memes and Funny videos.
  10. He also collaborated with many other Youtubers
  11. Carry got three times the copyright strike.
  12. He also made collaborated video Yash during K.G.F. chapter 1 release.

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