Birthday special: times when SRK took a stand for daughter Suhana Khan
Birthday special: times when SRK took a stand for daughter Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan, who is the daughter of Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan is turning 18 years old today, becoming an adult. The family has already organized a party with close friends and family.

According to a source, Suhana Khan is very happy to turn 18 and she is very excited about her birthday.

The birthday girl’s father loves his children and always make sure that his children do fine when it comes to education or even ant field they choose to. He makes sure his children can count on him.

Times when shah rukh khan took a stand for his beloved daughter:

1. Media paparazzi:

In a press interview, shah rukh khan clearly said, if you see my children be nice to them.unlike me they don’t know how to deal with the media. For whatever reason, you need to click their pictures just be nice to them.

2. Bikini outrage:

Suhana khan’s picture with little brother Abraham on a beach wearing a bikini went viral.

He said she was on a beach so she wore a beachwear just like her brother, firstly you clicked her pictures, that is also fine but then you put those pictures on thousands of sites with the ridiculous caption about her body, it is so disgusting.

3. Dating:

Of course whose daddy would want their daughter to date? He had already mentioned in a funny way that he doesn’t want her to date. But later he gave the headers to date her daughter.

Which will give you strong daddy vibes

1. get a job

2. Understand that I don’t like you

3. I’m everywhere

4. Get a lawyer

5. She’s my princess, not your conquest

6. I don’t mind going to jail

7. What you do to her, I will do to you

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