Birthday special: Watch How Twitteritis wish Serena Williams on her 38th birthday

Sep 26 2018 09:25 AM
Birthday special: Watch How Twitteritis wish Serena Williams  on her 38th birthday

The daughter of the middle-class family of America showed that no one has ever been able to do so. Six-time number one ranking Serena Williams is considered to be the best player in the history of tennis. What Serena has achieved is still a very difficult task for the American middle class player.

It was also difficult for his father living in Michigan to run a family on small earnings. In the family Serena had her sister Venus, besides three half-sisters. Serena's father, Richard Michigan, left for Los Angeles. Richard was also a big fan of tennis. He was unable to do anything special in tennis, but his dream was that his children would be able to be master in tennis. And on September 26, 1981, Serena Williams, the world's best tennis player, came in her lap. She came from LA to Richard Michigan, but their problems grew even more when she arrived in California. But Richard struggled for little girls.

Richard continued to give many tennis videos and other materials to his wife, i.e. Serena's mother. Richard believed that the child receives more things through his mother. Serena's father really wanted her children to make a big name in tennis, for which the initial arrangements for her reading were done at home. Serena took the racket at just three years of age. Serena won her first tournament of life at the age of four and a half years. Serena had held 49 competitions until she was ten years old. Serena's older sister Venus is also considered to be a big player of tennis. Serena kept wishing to be like Venus in every case and one day she also came when the younger sister Serena overtook the older sister Venus and went ahead, when ten years that Serena won the competition by defeating Venus in the Under-12 tennis tournament.

When Venus was getting defeated with Serena, her mother Aurisone felt that Serena would become one of the biggest tennis players by leaving behind everyone. Serena used to imitate Venus in every case. Serena loves Venus very much and considers Venus as her best friend too. Serena says she was very fond of going to school but she had the pressure of playing tennis and she used to practice hard in the sun.

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On his birthday we wish the ace tennis star A very happy birthday!

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