Bitter gourd Juice is beneficial for eyes

Nov 27 2018 04:19 PM
Bitter gourd Juice is beneficial for eyes

Bitter gourd is very bitter. Due to the bitter taste of bitter gourd most people do not like to eat it, but do you know that there are so many sweet benefits hidden behind the bitter taste of Karele. There are abundant medicinal properties in Kareli. If you drink the juice of bitter gourd in the morning empty stomach, then it can have many benefits for your health. 

1- If you have a problem with sugar, then bitter gourd juice in the empty stomach every morning. In bitter gourd there are plenty of anti-hyper glycemic elements such as Momsyardine and Charatin. Which help blood sugar to operate in muscle. Drinking juice of bitter gourd reduces insulin, which keeps sugar levels in control. 

2- By drinking juice of bitter gourd, the toxic substances present in the body easily come out. It works as a natural blood purifier. Bitter gourd cleanses the blood and cleanses the problem of pimples. 

3- By drinking juice of bitter gourd, the digestive system remains cured. The body does not get complete nutrition due to lack of appetite. Thereby, there may be many problems with the body. By drinking juice of bitter gourd daily, digestion is right and hunger increases. 

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