Will Indian economy be back on track after end of Corona?

Jun 01 2020 01:23 PM
Will Indian economy be back on track after end of Corona?

The worldwide lockdown due to the epidemic corona is now being gradually opened. Now the eyes are on what path the economy will take in getting back to the pre-corona condition. V Shape is looking tough. But it would be a good thing if we grew in Z Shape. According to the SBI Ecorep report, recovery from V and Z shape is auspicious for the economy. On recovery from this shape, the economy will soon reach Corona East level. But after recovery from El Shep, it will take a long time for the economy to reach the pre-Corona period.

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SBI EcoRap has quoted Broking Research that the economy in Z Shape goes down during the epidemic, but there is a sudden surge in demand from pre-epidemic period. This is a temporary boom. But the good thing about this shape is that after the risk of epidemic is over, the situation becomes normal.

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According to the research report on this matter, the most positive situation is in the recovery of V shape. During the epidemic in V Shape, production completely comes to a standstill, but once social distance ends, demand and production reach a much earlier level. Once you gain momentum, everything is back to normal. According to the report, the impact of the epidemic on the economy under U Shape lasts for a long time. Even after the elimination of the imperative of social distance, recovery remains very slow and GDP growth is extremely slow.

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