BJP slams Election Commission, gave this big statement

Patna: Bihar BJP President Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal has raised a question mark on the Bihar Election Commission and said that the Bihar Election Commission has lost its dignity and has become the office of government officials. He said that the officers of the State Election Commission work only on the instructions of the government. Everyone except the government is stopped in the name of the code of conduct. The BJP President said that if any MP or MLA has to inaugurate even a 6-month-old road in the city, then the District Magistrate explains the rules that the Model Code of Conduct is applicable in the cities of Bihar and therefore you cannot do any work. Not only this, even if a program for children below 18 years of age is held as a Member of Parliament, it is stopped citing the model code of conduct. 

On the other hand, the Bihar government is also distributing certificates of old jobs and schemes are being inaugurated and foundation stones are being laid by holding public meetings. Sanjay Jaiswal said whether the code of conduct is only for the BJP, whatever the state government does, there will be no restriction on it. The BJP President said that it becomes clear from this that what's the condition of the State Election Commission in Bihar and the Commission has remained only as an office of government officials. The officers are only working on the instructions of the government. 

Attacking the Nitish government and the State Election Commission, the BJP president said that on the one hand MPs and MLAs are being prevented from working in the name of the code of conduct, while on the other hand Bihar's CM, Deputy CM, Secretaries of all departments openly distribute appointment letters in Patna city by declaring old jobs as new. Election Commission does not have the idea to take this into consideration. Dr. Jaiswal said that the State Election Commission should tell that MPs and MLAs cannot do any program in the city under the Model Code of Conduct, then under which rule the CM, Deputy CM, and The secretaries of the departments are distributing jobs in Patna by holding public meetings and inaugurating the Nadi Jal Yojna in Bodh Gaya. Does it not come under the model code of conduct in the city? If it comes, then why has the Election Commission not filed an FIR against the CM and the Deputy CM till now? The BJP president said that if this code of conduct does not come in violation, then by what rule are the MPs and MLAs talking about the model code of conduct for any work in the city?

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