'News Click' Portal is working under special agenda: Sambit Patra

New Delhi: BJP has made a major allegation against online web portal News Click. In fact, bjp spokesperson Sambit Patra recently made a statement saying, "There is a gangster in the country who is working to show the country down, it is a kind of international conspiracy. In a news item related to news clicks, you must have read that crores of rupees have come to India suspiciously from abroad. One thing is clear from the fact that today, the news click spelt out that the toolkit is run only by some political parties in India, it is not so. Rather, there is a conspiracy outside India which is part of this toolkit.''

At the same time, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra also said, "There are some activists who run the portal wearing media sheets, with some foreign forces, some mainstream politicians from India. A group of them has been formed. They work in full harmony, their aim is to create confusion, chaos in the country. Our vaccine policy was appreciated all over the world, we were appreciated for vaccine friendship."

He further said, "Some people, some institutions have done something to defame our vaccine policy in our country. This was happening through foreign funding. In news clicks, external forces used to send funds. It comes under a company called PPK. He has 9. 59 crore fdi accepted. It mainly consisted of 3 people from abroad. In addition, he received about Rs.30 crores from different agencies abroad."

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