BJP MLA rushed to publicly raise his hand on the officer, know the whole matter

Hanumangarh: A heated argument broke out between the Tehsildar and the MLA during a panchayat committee meeting in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. In a fit of rage, the MLA also tried to kill the tehsildar. Due to the meeting, the officers and other people present calmed the MLA down. The argument took place between the officer and the MLA over the demand for a special girdwari over the poor crop. The video of the debate between them on social media is now spreading like fire.  

In fact, a panchayat committee meeting was being held at Sangaria in Hanumangarh district. Bjp MLA from Sangaria Gurdeep Shahpini, Sangaria Tehsildar Vishwa Prakash Charan and other officers and people were present. Due to the meeting, MLA Gurdeep Shahpini asked the Tehsildar to provide special guarantee for the crops of the farmers damaged due to rain, hailstorm and darkness. The tehsildar said that he himself is doing girdawari. The MLA got angry with the tehsildar's behavior and his voice became louder. A heated argument ensued and the MLA asked the tehsildar to get up from his seat and leave the meeting. The tehsildar objected to the MLA's talk and refused to get up from the seat and asked him to leave.  

The MLA got angry at this and got up from his seat and went to kill the Tehsildar. Suddenly the atmosphere in the meeting room changed. When the angry BJP MLA tried to catch the Tehsildar, other officers and people present in the room stopped the MLA. Then he and the tehsildar calmed down. After some time, Tehsildar Vishwa Prakash Charan left the meeting. In the case, Sangaria MLA Gurdeep Shahpini says that the Tehsildar is not doing girdawari properly. This will not give compensation to the farmers. At the same time, Tehsildar Charan said that he is engaged in girdawari and only yesterday he went to the fields and saw crop failure. Their job is to send reports to the government and not to give compensation.

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