BJP MP gave reply to Rahul Gandhi, says 'Yes, China occupied Indian territory'
BJP MP gave reply to Rahul Gandhi, says 'Yes, China occupied Indian territory'

Leh: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is a constant attacker on the Modi government due to reports of infiltration and encroachment of Chinese Army in Lakhakh. On Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi asked the question in a tweet whether China has occupied Indian territory. Now the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Ladakh has answered this question.

On this tweet by Rahul Gandhi, BJP MP from Ladakh Lok Sabha seat Jamyang Sering Namgyal said that, I hope Rahul Gandhi and Congress will agree with my answer based on facts and they will not try to confuse people again. BJP MP Namgyal wrote on Twitter that, "Yes, the Chinese have occupied the Indian territory." Along with this, he also shared the complete list of Indian territory under Chinese occupation on social media. But in this, he mentioned the Chinese encroachment during the tenure of the Congress government instead of the BJP.

During the tenure of the Congress, the Ladakh MP attacked the Chinese territory over the Chinese occupation. He wrote that, in 1962, Congress lost Aksai Chin (37,244 sq km), under the UPA rule, China captured the Tia Pangnak and Chabji Valley in Chumur area and in 2008 the Chinese army destroyed the Zorawar Fort in Demajok. . In 2012, China also established monitoring centers in the area. Ladakh MP Namgyal further wrote that in 2012, China also built a new colony by building 13 houses in Demajok. In 2008-09, during the UPA's tenure, India also captured the Doom disciple between Dungti and Demchok.


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