Union Minister called Rahul Gandhi crazy in gestures

Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has launched a scathing attack on the Congress over Rahul Gandhi's statement at a conference in London. Naqvi said, "Rahul Gandhi's troupe has made the Congress party from the party of the country to the party of the locality. He also said, "A mentally fit person can never do such things that defame the country. In fact, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is on a visit to the UK, had attended the 'Ideas for India' conference organised by think tank Bridge India on Friday and during this time, he had said, "Like Pakistan, in India too, invisible forces are hollowing out the country.''

"The soul of India is being attacked by the BJP and the soul without a voice has no meaning and what has happened is that India's voice has been crushed. The Congress leader further alleged that India's voice has been crushed by the country's institutional structure which is becoming parasitic. So the invisible forces, the CBI, and the ED are now hollowing out the Indian state as it happens in Pakistan.''

At the London conference, Rahul Gandhi also said, "The BJP has sprayed kerosene all over the country, you need a spark and we will be in big trouble.'' Now on this, the Union Minister said, "There is no one in the country to listen to them, so they are going abroad and telling fabricated stories. The BJP on Saturday accused Rahul Gandhi of harming India in his hatred of PM Modi. His repeated critical remarks by him about India from a foreign soil are tantamount to betraying the nation.''

Party spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said, "Rahul Gandhi ji goes to a seminar at Cambridge University in London. They go there and tarnish the image of the country. It's a habit of him and his family too. While hating Modi ji, he has started making statements against Mother India. He cautioned the Congress leader that he should refrain from saying anything wrong about India on foreign soil. In fact, Bhatia said, "You can oppose the BJP. That's part of healthy politics. But you will say slander for our country. If you make baseless allegations, not only will the BJP strongly oppose it. The people of the country will also oppose it.''

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