Will 'Pasmanda' Muslims get reservations in Muslim institutions? Fundamentalists angry as demand arises

New Delhi: BJP's OBC Morcha national president K Laxman has sought 50 per cent reservation for the Pasmanda community in Muslim institutions like Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) and Jamia Hamdard. However, the move has irked a section of the Muslim community.  

Let us tell you that, on Saturday (7 August 2022) in New Delhi, at the Pasmanda Muslim Sneh Milan and Samman ceremony, Laxman said that, 'I want to draw your attention to the age-old injustice and exploitation of Pasmanda Muslims within the community. The Pasmanda community is very weak socially, economically and politically. Their condition has not improved even after 75 years of independence. The issue of Pasmanda has been buried in the noise of Hindu-Muslim unity. Pasmanda Muslims should be given the benefit of 50 per cent reservation in AMU, JMI and Jamia Hamdard (JH) today.'

Earlier, former chairman of the national commission for minorities and president of BJP Minority Morcha Atif Rasheed had written to vice-chancellors of institutions like AMU, Jamia etc, urging reservation for Pasmanda Muslims in universities. In a letter dated June 15, Rashid had written regarding 'quota within quota.' He said "We have written to three VCs of minority institutions asking them to provide 50 per cent reservation within the Muslim quota for Pasmanda Muslims. This should not cause any problem to anyone or change the equation within the universities because we are only asking for quota within the quota which is already in vogue.''

So far, there has been no response from any university on this proposal. Therefore, BJP OBC Morcha national president K Laxman has raised back the issue at the Pasmanda Muslim Sneh Milan and Samman Samaroh in New Delhi. He said that the demand for reservations is not limited to just two AMUs, Jamia Millia and Jamia Hamdard. Rasheed has also written to Union ministers and lawmakers, drawing attention to the plight of the socially and economically distressed community.

He further said "We have written to each and every minister of the central government and about 250 MPs. OBC Morcha chief K Laxman reacted to this and supported us. Apart from this, he has raised this issue in Parliament. He has written to 5,200 Muslim institutions across the country demanding 50 per cent reservation for Pasmanda Muslims.''

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