BJP rejected the 50-50 demand of JDU

Dehradun: In the 2020 assembly elections, there was a half-and-half agreement between BJP and CM Nitish Kumar's Janata Dal United (JDU). Now Nitish Kumar has demanded to determine this agreement in the Legislative Council elections also, which BJP is not ready to accept. Notification for these elections is expected to be issued soon. At present 24 seats are vacant in the Legislative Council.

The same JDU Parliamentary Board Chairman and former Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha raised the demand of 50-50 on Tuesday. He had insisted that there was no reason to deviate from the formula on which the approval was given in view of the assembly elections. But, according to media reports, BJP leaders say that the party is not going to accept this demand of Nitish Kumar for the upcoming Legislative Council elections.

The same Kushwaha had said, "Since the 2015 assembly elections, JDU and its major allies have always adopted a 50-50 formula on seat-sharing in each alliance. It also includes the parliamentary elections of 2019 and the assembly elections of 2020. So we hope that this time also the same formula will be implemented. But the discussion is that BJP is not in the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadopting this method of seat-sharing this time.

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