Amit Shah's big statement came after the first phase of polling in Bengal and Assam

Political turbulence has increased in the country, after the first phase of voting in West Bengal and Assam on Saturday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah is holding Press Congress today. Due to this, he said that the BJP is receiving huge public support in Assam. Home Minister Shah has claimed 37 of the first phase's 47 seats in Assam. With this, he told that in the two states which were known for conducting elections in the midst of violence, today elections have been conducted peacefully under the leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Shah thanked the citizens of both the states and said that heavy turnout was showing a lot of enthusiasm among the citizens.

Due to this, Shah said, “Out of five state elections yesterday, two states have got the first phase of polling. For this, I want to express my gratitude to the citizens of both states, who have voted as much as possible. More than 84 percent turnout in Bengal and 79 percent turnout in Assam shows that there is a lot of enthusiasm among the citizens. Both these states were known for electoral violence in Assam and Bengal, but this time elections have been held in a peaceful manner. I claim that the BJP is winning in Bengal with a thumping majority. In the first phase elections, BJP will win more than 26 seats out of 30”.

He said, "Just as the state of appeasement continued within Bengal, as the unrestrained infiltration continued, as the ruling parties succumbed to corruption and usurped the rights of the people, as the fight against corona, etc. In all, the people of Bengal have received severe disappointment. After 27 years of communist rule, the people of Bengal were hopeful that Didi would bring a new beginning, but the party's name and the name changed, but Bengal remained undeveloped.

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