It's Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's fault to wait for the end of Modi era: Prashant Kishore

Election strategist Prashant Kishore has always been in the news for his statements. Now, recently, he has slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for "not understanding" the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact, recently, he said that Indian politics is going to be dominated by the BJP for the next several decades and it is congress leader Rahul Gandhi's fault to wait for the end of the Modi era. Let me tell you all that Prashant Kishore was on a visit to Goa in the past, and here he categorically said, "He believes that the BJP will have to fight for the next several decades.''

In fact, Prashant Kishore is currently working behind the scenes for Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. He said recently, "Rahul Gandhi is probably in some way that the BJP is going to be in power only till the Modi surge.'' At the same time, he said, "Whether the BJP wins or loses, it will remain at the centre of Indian politics. Just as the Congress had 40 years. The BJP is not going anywhere. Once you get 30 per cent votes in India, you are not going anywhere so quickly. So never get caught up in the maze that people are getting angry and they will overthrow Modi. People may remove Modi, but the BJP is still not going anywhere. You will have to face the BJP for the next several decades.''

He also said, "This is the problem with Rahul Gandhi. Perhaps, he thinks it is a matter of time before people oust Modi from power. It is not going to happen.'' Prashant Kishore also said, "Unless you understand Narendra Modi's strength and accept his strength, you will not be able to face him. The trouble I see is that people are not giving much time to understand PM Modi's forces, they don't understand how Modi is becoming so popular. Only if you know that you will be able to face them.'' He even said, "You go to any Congress leader, he will say that it is a matter of some time, people are getting fed up, there will be an anti-incumbency wave and people will remove PM Modi. I doubt it, it is not going to happen.''

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