Apply big cardamom to brighten and whiten the face, know how


Large cardamom is used in food. It is one of the various spices that enhances the taste of food. However, did you know that skin problems like wrinkles, and acne can be removed with large cardamom. You may not be sure, but it's true. Large cardamom contains antioxidants, which help in refining the skin. Now we tell you how to use large cardamom to brighten the face by removing wrinkles and pimples.

Benefits of large cardamom for the face-
* Large cardamom has anti-ageing properties, which help in removing wrinkles and prevents from looking older at an early age.
* Large cardamom also contains vitamin C, which helps in cleaning the blood. This removes the problem of acne and also brings a natural glow on the face.
* You may know that the vitamin-C present in large cardamom also has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and it is helpful in getting rid of skin allergies.
* If you want to make the colour fairer, even larger cardamom can help. This is because it also prevents the skin's colour-darkening melanin from growing.

How to apply large cardamom on the face?- You can make a face pack of it to apply large cardamom on the face. For this, you have to mix large cardamom powder and honey in equal amounts and apply well on the face. At the same time, when the paste is dry, wash the face with clean water.

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