Black Widow director REVEALS Scarlett Johansson's movie will remind you of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After consequent release date delays, Black Widow is finally seeing the light of the day with MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans excited for next month because they'll finally get to watch Natasha Romanoff's (Scarlett Johansson) past unfold on theatre screens. In a recent interview with Fandango, Black Widow director Cate Shortland shed light on the creative call behind her film, which stands out from some other MCU movies because it's darker and grittier.

According to Cate, in some ways, Black Widow is "darker. But it's got a lot of love" which she thinks "lifts that." There is also "a lot of humour" and hence, they weren't on the fence ever. What they knew was that Black Widow "was going to dictate what it wanted to be" which comes from Black Widow, herself. "She's incredibly nuanced. She's frightened to show the world who she truly is. But once you see that beautiful heart, you're sort of intoxicated by it. And that's kind of what we wanted the film to be," Cate explained.

When asked if there was a movie outside of the MCU which she may have perhaps pulled inspiration from or that she would compare her film to, Shortland revealed, "First, we looked at things like No Country for Old Men. And then we looked at things like Thelma & Louise. And the Marvel film — people that have seen it have said it reminds them of it — Captain America: The Winter Soldier," which Scarlett's Nat was an integral part of. Elaborating further, the 52-year-old filmmaker stated that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has got "great action," "a lot of heart," is "emotional" and at times it can be "a little dark." However, "it opens up again. And it's really exciting."


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